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Top Three Reasons Why It’s Never Too Late to Choose a Career in Financial Planning

Many of the financial professionals started their careers in another field.

And that’s exactly the case at Northwestern Mutual. Over the last 10 years, 56 percent of our recruits choose financial planning as their second career. Teaching, medicine, social work and military service are just a few industries that people are making the move from.

What’s the appeal? For starters, there’s a need. The industry is expected to grow by more than 30 percent within the next decade.  There aren’t enough financial advisors to meet the demand. And for many people, their skills in other industries are very transferable to financial services. So if you’re a successful professional with some years of experience, you may want to consider financial planning.

It’s never too late to make a switch. Here’s how you could hit the ground running:

  1. You’ll have built-in credibility. Many people looking for financial advice (especially those with assets) want to work with someone who has had valuable life experiences under his or her belt. You’ll have a leg up if clients can see themselves in you and if you can relate to the challenges they face.
  2. You’ve learned what it takes to be successful. You’ve learned that success isn’t only about mastering the nuts and bolts of the job – it’s also about knowing how to connect with people. Financial planning is intensely personal.  If you’ve got great soft skills – listening intently, communicating clearly, expressing empathy sincerely and helping others – you already have an advantage.
  3. You’ve built personal and professional networks of people who could become clients. One of the biggest challenges for someone starting out in financial planning is building a book of business. Co-workers, vendors, clients and members of professional associations are all people you have built relationships with who are also likely to be closer to your age, more willing to trust you and more likely to have financial planning needs.

A career in financial planning provides the opportunity to make a positive impact on  someone else’s life but it can also be life-changing for you – personally, professionally and financial

Talk with one of our recruiters. We’ll learn more about each other to see if we’d be a good match.