We believe it’s the confidence that comes from knowing what financial security is and doing what it takes to achieve it.

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Stories From Clients Like You

While millions live with financial anxiety, here we spotlight people who are on a different path. People like you.

People who started with a plan and acted on it.

Does your financial plan give you confidence to pursue your goal or passion?

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Living His Dream: A New Career

Do you wish you had the confidence to leave a successful career and follow your dreams? Early in a career on Wall Street, Mike Fruscione worked with Wealth Management Advisor Kevin Luchetta to plan for a secure financial future. Through smart choices, Mike was able to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor, without worrying about finances.

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Never Too Late to Make a Difference

When Dr. Diego Mendez switched specialties in his 50s, he realized he lacked one key thing: financial literacy. So he began to learn from his financial representative what he needed to feel confident in the security of his practice and his family through Northwestern Mutual's planning process. It’s never too soon (or too late) to work with an expert.

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Providing For Family

After surviving 2005’s Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Courtney and Kevin Thornton moved their young family to Texas. They worked hard to get back on their feet – and partnered with a financial professional to help secure their financial future. When Kevin passed away at age 33 from a heart attack, Courtney was grateful for the life insurance they'd purchased, which helped her focus on her family rather than finances.

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The Right Ingredients

Mindy Gohr is the baker, managing the kitchen. Esther Griego is the marketer, taking care of customers. Thanks to smart financial planning, this complementary team of two are the owners of Bittersweet Pastry Shop and Cafe in Chicago. The pair has worked with Financial Advisor Sherrie VanKoevering for years. Together with Sherrie, Mindy and Esther implemented integrated solutions designed to realize their vision for their business, their employees and their future.

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