Living His Dream: A New Career

Mike Fruscione – Charlotte, N.C.

Mike Fruscione & his family
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Mike Fruscione was contemplating a career change. Not at age 25, when “exploring” is expected, but in his 30s. Mike’s a husband and father, and already an MBA. The Wall Street career was going well. Leaving a good job and heading to school seemed like pushing the rewind button.

Mike did it anyway.

“I had wanted to be a doctor since high school, when my dad was diagnosed with – and, sadly, soon died from – cancer,” Mike recalls. “I tried to pursue that passion by volunteering in the community, but it wasn’t enough. When I got into my 30s, I finally decided I was too young to spend the next 20 to 30 years doing something that was not my calling.”

Exchanging a Wall Street salary for six hours of medical school lectures a day is a radical step.

But exchanging a Wall Street salary for six hours of medical school lectures a day is a radical step. So, Mike did his homework. Feeling confident that his family would be finanically secure while he attended med school was paramount. If the math didn’t work, Mike’s plan would be over before it began.

Mike’s dad was a big believer in financial planning, and his son had learned by example. Mike and Wealth Management Advisor Kevin Luchetta have been working together for years, preparing for the future, even back when they didn’t know what that future might be. Now the future had arrived, and smart insurance and investment choices made from the start in Mike's plan meant finances would not block the way. Mike headed to medical school.

Mike is pursuing his dream of being a surgeon while providing for his family.

“My Dad, an Italian immigrant, sacrificed for us and taught us important lessons,” says Mike, now a general surgery resident. “His most important financial advice was to be smart with money. He worked hard, and we had fun and splurged when we could, but we were always aware of the importance of safeguarding our financial security.”

“And, thanks to Kevin’s guidance, I have been able to make fulfilling choices and still give my family the life they deserve,” he adds. “As my life and goals have evolved, our conversations have changed, too. Kevin has helped me achieve the confidence to pursue my dreams.”

Does your financial plan give you confidence to pursue your goal or passion?

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