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The Thornton Family – Fort Worth, Texas

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Hurricane Katrina. The destruction and devastation defy description.

Courtney Thornton and her family survived. She and her husband, Kevin, evacuated New Orleans with their children, Kevin and Calaia, knowing they would probably never return.

They moved to Texas when Kevin found work as a police officer at the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. They started anew. And they worked hard.

Kevin worked two shifts to provide for his growing family, which came to include Crystal, Caris and Kaileb.

“After Katrina,” Courtney recalls, “we realized we could take nothing for granted. Our friend introduced us to Financial Advisor Brandon Rossi so we could talk about our future. It would be one of the most important things Kevin and I would ever do.”

Because of her and her late husband’s foresight, Courtney and her children are moving forward.

Young and feeling invincible, the couple talked with Brandon about what they wanted for their family – and even talked about life insurance should something happen to either of them. “We made every decision with our children in mind,” Courtney says.

How sadly important that turned out to be.

Kevin was healthy. No family history of heart trouble. Yet, at the age of 33, he suffered a massive heart attack and died. Courtney was now a single parent and sole provider.

“We talked about our future. It would be one of the most important things Kevin and I would ever do.”

“Once I recovered from the shock, I had to think about what would happen next,” Courtney says. “How could I be mom and dad? Who would teach my boys how to be a man? Who would teach my girls how to be treated by a boy? How would I manage five kids, five schedules, and still show them what it meant to be a family?”

“Thankfully, I can focus on those things. We had the protection that my amazing husband and I had put in place with Brandon,” she says. “As difficult as it’s been, we are moving forward. I can focus on our children, and help them become the people who would make Kevin proud, because I am confident in our financial security right now – and in our future.”

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