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Service Forms

Online Forms:

To use an online form, fill in the information and click on the submit button to send the information to Northwestern Mutual.

Report of Insured's Death
Use this online form to inform Northwestern Mutual of the death of an Insured.

Life Insurance Request for Service
Use this online request form to submit questions or comments regarding your Northwestern Mutual policy.

Printable Forms

Change Owner
Use this form to change the owner of your policy.

Designate Beneficiaries
Use this form to change the beneficiaries on your policy.

Redistribute Existing Assets
Use these forms to transfer existing assets, change the allocation of future premiums, and add/change/terminate dollar cost averaging.

  • Variable CompLife
  • Variable Universal Life Asset Transfer / Payment Allocation Form
  • Variable Universal Life Dollar Cost Averaging Form
  • Variable Universal Life Automatic Portfolio Rebalancing Form
  • Variable Whole Life, Variable EOL & Variable Single Premium Life

Any change to a policy may have tax or financial consequences. As always, your financial representative can answer your questions and provide you with service for all of your policies.

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